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Steel wire mesh frame (PE polyethylene) composite pipe

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The steel wire mesh (PE) composite pipe has the advantages of not only anti-corrosion, non-scaling, smooth and low resistance, thermal insulation, and abrasion resistance, but also has the following characteristics of its unique structure.




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Self-tracking is good. Due to the existence of the steel mesh skeleton of buried pipes can be used normally magnetic detection method for positioning, avoid damage due to other excavation performance low product structure adjustment.


Superior performance

ood resistance to creep and high mechanical strength; Good temperature resistance. It has good rigidity, good impact resistance, good dimensional stability, moderate flexibility, and small linear expansion coefficient. 


The experimental test

Steel mesh skeleton (PE) pipe not only has smooth corrosion, scale, low resistance, heat preservation is not wax, plastic pipe material has the advantages of such as wear-resisting, its unique structure also has created the following features low creep resistant performance is good, durable high mechanical strength; Good temperature resistance.


Confidence comes from quality and quality.

The company has built three manufacturing bases of steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe and MPP, PE pipe production area, hot dip plastic steel pipe and composite pipe production area and glass pipe production area. 


Do the company in line with, do strong, do big goal of pipeline industry, adhere to the tenet of "quality first, customer supreme", the high-quality goods production to meet customer needs is our basic work, bring tangible benefits for customers is our pursuit of the ultimate goal.


Honors and qualifications


Wide application


1. Good creep resistance

            High mechanical strength; Good temperature resistance.

2. Good rigidity and impact resistance

         The dimension stability is good, also has the moderate flexibility, the strength and softness of the line expansion coefficient is small. Pure plastic tubing linear expansion coefficient is 170 x 10-6 (1 / ℃).

3.Self-tracking good

          Because of the existence of the wire mesh skeleton, it is possible to locate the buried pipes with the usual magnetic detection method to avoid the damage caused by other excavation projects.


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