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PE polyethylene double wall corrugated pipe

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Polyethylene double-wall corrugated pipe is high density polyethylene as the main raw material, respectively, by inside and outside extruder extrusion, an inner surface level off is smooth, the outer wall into ladder ripple, the outer wall ring structures.




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Such as municipal engineering drainage, factories, enterprises, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry drainage pipeline. Various construction drainage works, auxiliary drainage works: such as courses, railways, high-speed, etc. 


Superior performance

The inner and outer walls have a hollow core layer and a new type of plastic tubing with high structural strength. The complete production process is: extrude one by one to form a single cooling cut finished product to use the scope of sewage drain pipe.


The experimental test


Confidence comes from quality and quality.

The company has built three manufacturing bases of steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe and MPP, PE pipe production area, hot dip plastic steel pipe and composite pipe production area and glass pipe production area. 


Do the company in line with, do strong, do big goal of pipeline industry, adhere to the tenet of "quality first, customer supreme", the high-quality goods production to meet customer needs is our basic work, bring tangible benefits for customers is our pursuit of the ultimate goal.


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Wide application


1. Reliable performance

             The composite of each layer is carried out in the molten state of plastic, which is completely different from the secondary melting molding of the wound pipe (air wall tube). Therefore, it is completely sticky and strong at all levels.

2.Corrosion resistance long life

           The steel strip surface is specially pretreated to increase the corrosion resistance of the steel and the adhesion of steel and plastic to improve the peeling strength. 

3.Large diameter high strength.

               With U steel belt compound PE material, under the premise of the tubing without increasing the cost substantially improve the ring stiffness, same weight situations than winding pipe.


With the outer wall of annular structure, there is a new type of plastic tubular material with hollow core layer and high structure strength. The complete production process is: extrude one by one to form a single cooling cut finished product to use the scope of sewage drain pipe.

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